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Showreel 2020

Showreel 2020

Emily Kate D-Selby : Filmaker

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RAchel Stewart, Nescol Lecturer

Emily is a hard-working, conscientious professional who always strives to deliver her best. She is multi-skilled and can shoot, edit, produce and direct. Always a valuable part of any team, she can be trusted to get the job done to a high standard.  

Ryan Macfarlane, Nescol Lecturer

With a keen eye for detail and a professional output, interested in all aspects of film and media Emily is a force to be reckoned with. Professional. Understanding. Passionate.

Gavin Gilmour, Nescol Lecturer

Conscientious, diligent and always enthusiastic to contribute to any task, project or collaborative endeavor, Emily has developed her skills over the past two years and shown herself to be a reliable and engaging student. She is thoughtful and considered in her approach to creative projects and will always seek to produce a high standard of work. Emily communicates well within a team and takes the initiative to make things happen."

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